She sends me posters

salutations of love
kind of bollox that goes
one door closes to make another open
one bad chapter doesn’t mean
it has to be a bad life
which I feel kinda sure means
wishing & wanting the best for you
meaning all is fine & dandy
in her life that has never changed
fifty years of doing much the same
looking in & commenting
on the lives of others
I only know her by absence
when my chips were down
struggling to find ends to meet
there was not a word
never a tiny peep
but now she feels I guess
I’m back in the safety of the fold
she can hazard the occasional
I always wanted the best for you
these messages I only trust
from those then with me deep in the hole
they are the ones who truly saved me
take your deep salutations
protestations of best love
plug them back into the gap
I felt from you in the lean years
maybe then you’ll understand full
it is too late to fill the well

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