I’ve always been a sucker for a good story

I blame most everybody on this
my parents with the santa thing
teachers with the be good nonsense
& a pretty woman can pretty much
fuck me over on a daily basis
& I’ll still keep a stupid smile on my dumb face
I know this as I’ve been there & it is true
my parents laid down leery lines like
be a good boy keep your shoes shined
work hard & the world will fall at your feet
for a while I went with this, they were of course
paying all bills
then I noticed over time the lack of lustre on their feet
it was school that handed me the final iron nails
on the good boy coffin
I saw true with my fresh young eyes those who
were picked for stardom, those for pain
& those whose destiny was to only fetch & carry water
being a good boy is for fools when the deck is stacked
seeing the same kids picked out & on day by day
as worse crimes go on with connivance of teachers
with sweet favourites
& the big lie grows these are the best days in your life
while all I wanted was to run from this saccharin sweet
& into the lies of the bigger world
& now I talk to myself to say
I’ve always been a sucker for a good story
for how else would i get out of bed every day?

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