anarcho syndicalists

I loved the syndicalists
lived amongst them for a while
enjoyed the long conversations
on shared power
a new utopia of fun for all
until our pick up band played
a Saturday session in the garden
one soft summers afternoon
& they called the cops
the pigs duly came
the gig stopped
apparently & this was new to me
everybody is free to do what they want
to do
except play not very good music
because the syndicalists will then
be forced to call the fascist forces
of working class oppression
not because they lack the powers
of persuasion in communication
but as an act of deep musical criticism
scratch a libertarian & find a tanky eh?
scratch deeper
closer to the bone
maybe borrow their car late one night
& their ambitions of social justice
are thrown aside as they phone the cops
its ok to want what you have
but theirs is theirs & like any conservative
the police are there to protect property
& apparently
their ears


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