Dead motorcycles

bsa c11g first bike I ever built from bits & pieces
sold, never to be seen again
bsa a65 engine seized about 11 at night in summer
met a man with a van & child
& a sack of ‘shrooms
sitting in a bus stop waiting for dawn
fighting dragons, ghosts, shadows
feeling in the world & out of it
honda cb175 left leaning against a garage door
honda cb250 ablaze between my legs
stopping at the junction watching it burn
sick in my stomach at losing a friend
honda 750 custom coughing, steam & then a blown head gasket
spares or long repair, gone
honda cb750 engine went bang at about 80
rolling to a stop knowing it had become an anchor
Yamaha 600/4 crank gave way blew oil everywhere
sliding to a slippery halt & thinking oh well
barn find triumph t100 I sold for twice what I paid
& always regretted the loss of
triumph 3ta to my brother who sold it on
harley davidson 45 going rusty
& on
& on
& on


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