All of my family drink

is what we do at get togethers’
few tho’ those are
weddings, funerals big birthdays
so when I met mary
in landsdale p.a.
we went for a drink
I was sure, lets go
I was happy to meet her
after years of penning notes
we wandered back after closing
sipping cans along the way
just another evening after a long day
so we did it again
her daddy didn’t like this
said it was time we had a talk
took me to the basement
let me look at the chains on the fridge
said straight to my eye
you know why we do this?
I had no clue
so he told me
I’d come at a time when his girl
had been dry
& that was the first time
in a long time
I was just out of my teens
meeting a person
who could make booze their life
I left
my presence
was just not for the best
& that would not be the last time
this happened


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