My old man

Never played springsteen
If I could I would
have sat him down to listen
he’d understand ‘the river’
if we could’ve got through
the barriers between me
our years, him
but this was not meant to be
he was one bank of the water
me always on the other side
we formed bridges
when it was too late
he’d had his own things
keeping his head busy
& the words couldn’t match up
that muddy water we’d let flow
over the running years
had flowed too strong
& I see it now
the return has come
my youngest can’t hear me
our meanings slide on by
& I’ve played her springsteen
she loves some of the songs
doesn’t yet understand
maybe never will
he speaks of our history there
those stories I never could tell
locked away inside
not the hero
not the winner
just a guy trying to get by
make the best of a bad situation
& doing his best not to run


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