It feels odd

It feels odd
to connect to that process now
there was an aeon
when I had lights to guide
as an accompaniment
red lights to warn
blue as a positive, go
these came after a series of occult
spiritual occurrences
& though I no longer have many of these
these experiences have left their mark
its easy in the bright light of day
to dismiss these as wild ravings
of strange people & it’s hard to disagree
as I did find myself to sit in strange circles
passing on messages out of the blue
the beyond
words I heard in my head for the other outre
people there
I was about 120 degrees skewed
giving the wrong people the right missives
a strange time indeed
which did not end there
there are people
thankfully a very few people
who understand my oddness well
& call me when they have disturbances
to see if I can help
it is always important to know that spirits
cannot hurt you
they can
will ruffle your composure
creep into your dreams
but if you take the right precautions
to look after yourself
dealing with restlessness
may only take an hour at most
but convincing yourself that you are not
really crazy, mad
now that
takes years


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