I’m bored with this

he said
I’ve commuted on this line for ten years
I was taken aback by this
this being England & people on trains
are not usually prone to speech
but I’m giving up, retiring
I muttered some affirmation, well done
It’s all the same, houses, houses
peoples backyards
houses, houses, industrial estates
we were going by a golf course
at the time
then a graveyard that had been in existence
for a thousand years
I’m going to relax finally, go on holiday
sip a few mai tais….
he looked at me & you?
I’ve got a few years yet I said
up & down this line
I’ve kinda made a game of it
spotting deer, new badger setts
there’s one or two falcon nests here, there
I’ve spotted a strain of pink sweet pea
that is slowly moving north taken
I guess by the wind
& foxes lazing in the sun
on top of sheds in back gardens
is always fun
his eyes narrowed
I’ve seen that look before
from teachers, bosses
wondering whether
I was mocking them or not
I wasn’t worried
having learned before
& again today
people cannot see what is under their noses
& when given new information
would rather see me being a wise ass
than wise man
we continued in silence
as the flora & fauna unfurled in front of us


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