It is not possible

to defeat the bastards
who sell you the fear of money
which you will owe them until death
they feel you owe them dues
& you
are nothing but a payee
to the great corporations in the sky
all you
can do
is avoid
be elsewhere
do other than be in the great Ponzi scheme
find other visions
do anything
be anything
other than fodder
in the scam
i felt this as a knife slash
in my twenties
people around
told me
you’ll get over it
that has not come true
the truth still holds
bastards still run the game
there are no get out of jail free cards
for the payees
only the owed get these
the too big to fail kind
what also is true
whatever we do
we don’t have to be like them
joining the bastards
& that
would be self betrayal
there are other better ways to be


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