This idea that life is easy

is not a good thing
to be teaching our kids
kidding each other with
what they need to know
life is a harsh poker game
while riding a roller coaster
with only a handful of nuts
for sustenance
which you may
or may not
be allergic to
y’gotta keep your wits about you
every new situation is a threat
to how you think, act, believe
each day is a brand new day
in which it is effortlessly easy
to have everything taken away
a wrong word
a sideways glance
& your world
can go up in flames
hand in hand
with the lie
that life is a breeze
is the one that says
tomorrow will be much the same
the sun will rise
& later set
but you do not know
if you will be there to see it
I was contemplating this
in the line for coffee
the waitress was surly
probably needed a break
so I was extra careful
in my order
she smiled
her world & mine turned
crisis averted
for now


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