Working with fags 2

J was out of love again
another shop boy had left
run out before he got home
this was a pattern
he called love
& he wanted to bleed out
all over me
so I listened
is what good friends do
then I went for the throat
ffs! J
if you keep doing the same
thing over & over again
& expect something
then the problem
is you
he didn’t like this at all
went kind of pale
swallowed a bit much
made huh noises
as I held tight his arm
you my friend
are a grown man
earning good money
got your own house
y’gotta ask
why you pick up guys
with nothing
to bring to the table
& expect them to stay?
find somebody
of your status
another growed up man
with a career
own place
got things to give up
to be with you
the silence grew
we talked on other things
but he & I knew


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