Some people

if you look close amongst the crowd
in the supermarket
wherever people meet
you can spot them easily
the blurry grey shapes of people
who have never individuated
they look normal
act normal
to all extents wear normal
these are the people
who drift in & out of life
have yet to develop their own view
not had the argument
meaningful fight
with their parents
significant others
visited the chrysalis stage
of the human mammal
on anything
which needs to be
before the adult can become
they go along
with the what is
from the dominant in their lives
never daring to challenge
the stupid view
of that other
all for the easy life
just trying to get along
no stress
no fuss
less than individual
pet dog on a string
a parrot full of phrases
not a thought in their heads
generated by themselves
reasoned by sitting working out truth
& these people we allow to vote
they sit in your home repeating words
& look for approval that was always there
lock your doors
these are the people that kill
your will


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