Not always the better man

I’d meet D. out drinking
or at some club
we’d knock glasses
while eyeing the crowd
she’d dated some friend
a while back
we’d knocked boots
a couple of times
some while ago
which went nowhere
there was a good chance
I’d be walking her home later
first we’d look for new blood
in case better came along
I was always a disappointment
not wanting to go further
closing time came
I would walk her about half way
to go on meant meeting her folks
she still lived at home with them
awkward coffee in the morning
muffled night time
half way was a quiet place
we’d do it against a wall
once she’d blown me
left me staggering
drained to the bone
& she’d walk her lonely way
as I drifted back to my life
I hear she met a better man
who took her the whole way
kids marriage house & cars
how can I be anything
but pleased for her
I do miss that halfway spot


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