I don’t trust them
these cold fish making judgements
will say they have never
wrapped hands around a neck
killed in their dreams
had waking fantasies
in oh so many
satisfying ways
give me a man, woman
has cried deep in the night
beating their fists raw on the wall
over a lover who left
without explanation
backward looks
I count the silver once they have left
my fingers after a handshake
check my body for bruises
in case I missed a moment
as they droused me to sleep
with their sensible conversations
deadened lives of order
in case they slipped a low blow
sneaky kidney punch in
these silent grey fellows
who would have you think
butter would not melt
trust me on this
they still got shit
that stinks
but its hidden way out of reach
& they work sly
too hard to keep it
that way

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