In an old worn pocket
of a coat lost by time
I find two cards
from twenty years ago
an invitation
admit one to the boathouse
for a pre season drinks party
which of itself sounds
just mighty grand
it was a little bit at odds with that
there being five plastic buckets
of said cocktails
ladled out into a halfpint glass
while we did the rounds
emphasis was on drinks
so we did
I remember
stumbling along the promenade
happy as a man full of cocktails
can be
at one a.m.
the other
is for Marian
her business card
as an antique kilim restorer
using ‘fine matched wools’
with a blockwood print
of said kilim on it
& you wonder
where Marian is
whether her skills picked up
wandering the east
garnered her a fortune
in a southern English city
the last I remember of her
was of breaking Roly’s heart
it was time for her to move on
she had reached the end of them
there is a phone number
I am afraid to call it
the picture I have of them here
is sufficient.

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