living on love

I was living on love
it was pretty much all I could find
between rooms with beds
not always mine
waiting to eat
became a hobby
always pastime
how I survived I don’t know
maybe the thin hold charm
to those with a little to give
walking across the city
in the early hours
this dark world is alive
in ways you don’t know
when you have nowhere
somebody always wants a piece
when your pockets are empty
its all you have to give
warm rooms kept me going
whose names they were
escape me now
those ladies with their needs
holding on to me with mine
gripping against the light
that could only bring less
to our doors
my head only had noise
a struggle to think
I could keep a job
sometimes a month
before the walls closed in
those places
have someone
needs validation
by their work
no inner place of self
they either jump on you
or you have to jump on them
& the noise grows
as they try
to make that happen
seems a better place
than jail
allowing that to happen
and I found I could live on love
finding women with needs
to match mine
until they got noisy too

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