they care now
saw some programme on tv
about this dead pop star
in all the time we’ve known each other
close on 3 decades
he has never been mentioned
but now
they saw
some programme on tv
pierced the veil of understanding
being selected personal details
about the guys life in a 1 hour show
underneath the glitter was brittle
vulnerable in a way they could understand
all presented with sad music
interviews with friends
all with a need to be seen as good people
in the way of care for others
save us o lord
save us father figure in the sky
from these demons of tv
this grafted disease
of have to be taught to care
in a crafted 60 minute show
there was little mention
of his blacklisting from the station
that owned the team
who made the show
for his politics
for that
is speaking ill of the dead
those of us who had followed
his twists & turns on the way
felt this a betrayal
an incomplete picture
of the better man
for such is tv

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