He got himself

one of those store bought women
with some notion of her values
being close to his old fashioned kind
went overseas to where it was hot
met the family & thought about it more
she arrived middle of December cold
looking small, frightened & young
while he smiled took her back
to his second floor flat
they settled there together
seemed most folks idea of bliss
sure, sure, he said its not all roses
I gotta take Viagra daily she got needs
then there’s speed to keep up on walks
nightime I need the sleepers or
she wants jiggy jiggy once more again
I’m not complaining its just….
he trailed off as I looked at the lines
tracking over his face tired as is
& I’ve not been out to see the boys
my bike is sat back in the garage
while we spend the day doing the
maybe its just the honeymoon period
I offered more in hope than kindness
Mate…its been a full two years now…
I was drifting from the complaint
or was it a whine on how good it was?
& I began to think on the receipt
wondered if it said: ‘no returns’
wished him well, walked on some more
& last I heard he was half the man in size
a good exercise regime (& drugs)
will do that to you, eh?

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