None of it was wasted

all those days
sitting on the floor
listening to music
talking with friends
working out
what fitted
gathering strength
for what was to come
had happened
just being
young free
not having to do
what others did
even if that
meant being broke
all those hours
came back to me
in other ways
to help move myself on
not one second
with you
is a regret
it all came back later
to bolster the bad times
even though we were
always hungry
for the next meal
a night out
I’d do them all over again
in a heartbeat
my boss once said
you have a confidence
that doesn’t come from
it was those days
putting together
the jigsaw of me
what was you
was not me
yet we are the same
better then
than being 80
lying on the floor
searching for new music
good drugs
chuckling at silly shit
finding yourself
& being
in regret


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