Stupidity surrounds me

it hangs in the air
from any branch
street lights
& all any of us
has to do
is drift right through it
like morning dew on soft shoes
soaking through to skin
you can observe this
on any given day
by listening to those
whose opinion
has come from the tv
the last person they spoke tp
reading a paper
whose interests are not theirs
that promotes the lives
they will never own
you can see it
in the eyes of those
who have been sold a simple version
of life events
so simple it must be true
& no amount of complicated science
mountains of truth
can shift them from
their superior stance
I feel this when among friends
like a viper in our midst
waiting for the cold sting
of odious verbiage
lifted from gutter
is why
I’m often in the corner
at parties
looking for a big stick
to beat these cold blooded
venomous creatures
& probably very much
why I don’t get invited to parties


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