can i come over & talk?

She wrote to me
can I come over & talk?
when I called her on the phone
she had a voice to put the hook in me
so I said sure
why not?
it was a slow day
& you never know when love will come
I needed some excitement
that didn’t happen
she came over
she talked
& talked
as I opened bottles in the hope
that good drink might just
slow her down some
& that didn’t happen
it got late
it got later
& still she talked
of ex husbands
ex boyfriends
who came & went
how she had yet to find true love
how she loved how I wrote
felt my honesty deep inside
even if sometimes
I was cruel
the more she talked
the less I felt
so I poured more
until around one she said she had to go
that I heard clear as a school bell
called a cab
& she was gone
I sat for a while
feeling the silence out
tried to remember
all the things she said
there was not one thing I could hold onto
not one whole sentence
stood out
except the all men are bad trope
without any recognition
it just may be her judgement
at fault
much like mine
in inviting
her in
I threw the trash out
pulled the covers over
& slept her away


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