I shoulda made me a country singer

I got all the moves
that long road knows my name
from here & back down to southern spain
I’ve felt that lonely in the mountains
all the way thru’ those desert plains
thinking on those things a man
never should on his own
had me a dog I loved
just upped & died
& when there is no reason
it only hurts the more
like when she walked out the door
& did not say what that was for
sure strong words were given
but when do they ever promise meaning?
my father died in his hospital bed
hundreds of miles away
which never fussed him much alive
nor me if I can tell the honest here
had our moment found the peace
we were better with hills & forests
between where each lay our heads
I’d made my way on my own
made no call on his time
from the age of fifteen
which doesn’t mean I never wanted to
when your folks got their own things
they seem not able to fix
there’s so little left for the young
to grab any end of
& then you call
tell me I’m not on my own anymore
ends the dark reverie
your voice on a telephone
shrinks these miles to dust
I’m on my way home baby
these blues are in my rear view
couple more sleeps
& I’ll be in your arms again


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