I had me a young girl

blew in like a breeze
really had not much choice
in where to go
hated home
& everything that goes with that
her ex had turned her out
for easy money
at the dirty end of the street
she was beautiful
despite all that kind of living brings
we got ourselves fixed by the quack
drew a line under the end of that
I tried loving her
though I was yet to learn
any finer details about the doing
she came with nothing
which pretty much
matched what I got too
I had a player
some tired sounds
& we listened to Freebird
most every day
& I liked to think it was all about me
my life along with her
living from day to day
making each penny count
then too soon came the changes
all young girls must grow
where I was happy with what we had
her life left her needing much more
the nap dream was gone
she said goodbye
& it was me crying
wanting to hang on
her wings had grown back strong
I was yesterday now
but there was nothing I could ever do
but be happy to see her go
& I pretty much failed at that
few of us grow at the same rate
some needing a longer time
it wasn’t that I didn’t love her
more back then
it was more
that I loved having little


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