You just know

there comes a time
when you just know
its done
its over
stick a fork in it
it might be a fight over something
you’ve fought a million times over
her mother
your brother
not squeezing from the bottom
of that damned toothpaste tube
or the moment you recognise
there are three of you at play
sometimes you find yourself
lagging behind at work
home is no longer that anymore
whatever the moment
savour it
hold on to it
for just that little bit longer
from here on in
is going to be a wild ride
as much as
that moment at the top of the rollercoaster
before it all begins
you hold your breath
you know it will end
but the twists
you do not yet know
at this second
unlike the rollercoaster
you can get off
it is what it is
surrender to time
let life resolve itself
go buy the ticket
enjoy the ride


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