yeah yeah yeahs

He’s here again
telling about her
how she wants him to change
his ways
& he’s not complaining
about her ways
which is a pity
cos I’ve got treasure there
& I’d join in
give it all I’ve got
once you’ve reached that place
in your relationship
its either shit
or get off the pot
if you have any self respect
that is
but I suspect
he’ll drift back to her
give her some yeah yeah yeahs
& be back here in a month, two
clogging up my day
so I’ll give him some yeah yeah yeahs
make it look like sympathy
& try not to identify with her

2 thoughts on “yeah yeah yeahs

  1. It is pretty awkward when a friend complains about their boyfriend/girlfriend, and you internally have to take the other person’s side. Or occassionally, not so internally 🙂


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