Working with fags

worked with
plenty of fags
yeah I know
we’re supposed to say gays
& the ones I loved most
were the ones
who gave it right back
they’d say
we know
you are a faggot Ben
our gaydar
tells us so
& occasionally
they’d put their hand in deep
I’d laugh
they’d laugh
& I’d tell ‘em to fuck off
& say this was no way
to get me
sucking dick
a few I got close to
beers together friends
I helped one move house
& we’re driving along
when he catcalls this young fella
look at the sweet ass on her
Woah I say
you don’t get me shouting out
to the fine young girls
Ben he trills
call away baby
do your thing
him I loved most
didn’t give a shit
knew how to live
his life
his rules

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