Live & let Di

quietly doing her thing
I remember her well
in a bright blue summer dress
sitting taking notes
chipping in now & then
with good ideas
at the end
putting her notebook
in her bag & gone
liking what I saw
of course I suggested a coffee
later we went to a party
stayed until 2
& back to mine
spent a few hours
enjoying each other
as young people do
to sleep
wake up in horror
sheets shades of red
pink hues
our sex started her period
she ran away
& we never spoke of this again
we met again
she was still quietly aloof
seemed kind of happy
to be with me
went to another party with friends
sat talking
being just there
& I noticed she was gone
got up looked around
& there in the hallway
her & this guy malc kissing
malc was of course there
with his long term live in girl
he looked at me
kept kissing
touching her
I turned
walked away
suddenly everything made sense
& I never saw her again

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