Fifteen hundred miles

hardly a word spoken
in my mother tongue
just me & birds of prey
watching the road
good coffee
bad coffee
is just a place to stop
a drink & a pee
then back out again
aware that very probably
I stink
more than I normally do
learning again
distance reduces issues
do I really want
to be going where I am going
will they want me there
when I arrive
or must I change destinations?
& after a while
you find your own company
the you
that exists
out of any constraints
of others
social constructs
the you that others
don’t get to see
& you make friends again
see how you’ve changed
by being in a group
& you notice too
how this changes
when a stranger
greets with a smile
a good natural hello
how it lifts the day
& you remember again
what it is
about your loved ones
you are missing most

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