There is no (2 parts to this)

There is no (see page 2)
bitter pill to swallow
easy way to say this
me in team
refunds on poor decisions
good end to a bad relationship
bad sex
tax exemption
poor love
bad kid
page 2
rich parents do of course create the ground for success = birthrights
it’s a form of words for: grow up; deal with it
yes there is, stop being a drama queen & spit it out
unless you jumble the words, teams need jumbling anyway
women seem to flout this when buying clothes
you are out of it, or was it you that was poisonous?
there is not very good sex, drunk, fumble & of course awkward sex, it is still sex & there is a whole bunch of people wishing they were having all & any of that, right now
see rich parents bit, if you are poor, you are of course: screwed
like sex, all love is: ‘it is what it is’ make it better, learn
unless you are a german kid on a ferry playing techno in my ear….
all kids are good kids, they fuck up, they learn, unless you are the bad kid

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