Sex is of course, a puzzle

though as a teen it
seemed more a twisted maze
complete with trap doors
hidden sprung floors
strange sayings
triple entendres
“I could do you love
but without protection
I’d probably end up
with a knitting needle
or sipping gin
over a hot bath
with mustard
in it”
& scared of
whatever truth
lay within
the range of that
It was a time of fumbles
that far & no further
no, not yet
maybe next time
walking around
with a stiff cock
& nowhere
but mine own hand
to put it
any notion of female orgasm
the clitoris
& how to find it
were years ahead
to come (!)
& all of this was cold
because we had
for these inelegant practices
than the outdoors
carpet burns
arrived later
& then we gained
enough expertise
to pretend
to be lovers

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