Can we at least talk about this?

i’m a dark fellow
not much shade
& many times the ladies
left me deep
in the dark
I was hustling 3 jobs
3 colleges
separate towns
teaching different things
to classes
of mostly interested students
desperately trying
to catch my tail
driving between jobs
grabbing a bite here
would sit
in teachers lounges
feeling fraudulent
in my early 30’s
not yet the full time
knocking off at nine
at night
with an hour to do
driving home
this went on
for some years
occasionally I’d make
while the
same old days
just kept rolling on
until vanessa
wanted to sit in
pick up some things
she needed to learn
I’d head back to hers
sitting half dead
on a sofa
covered in throws
pretty pink girl things
most everywhere
while she sat
on the floor
asking questions
‘til I had to leave
I’d found a friend
seemed to me
nothing else
tonight is special
she said
there was her bed
canopied in pink
bows & netting
red trailing ribbons
I ran
drove like a demon
to sanctuary
I’m a dark fellow
& many times the ladies
leave me deep
in the dark


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