i have always
been a fool for women
have travelled hundreds
of miles
for a smile
to be turned away
with a polite
not today
thank you
or a closed door
I sent my work expenses
to one
& an
‘I’m sorry we’re through’
to my boss
who kindly
returned this
with a
‘I’m not sure
this is for me’
I’ve lost count
of times
stood in the rain
for a breathless
‘I’m sorry I’m late’
& a smile
of long blue days
staring at walls
feeling them close in
over thinking the
‘it’s not you it’s me’
& knowing
too well
the truth in that
so many fares home
to never see them again
gazed too often
at a retreating
angry bottom
thinking ‘oh well’
maybe it just
was not meant to be
been swept into relationship
to be swept out
as quickly
as yesterdays dust
dead on the floor
watched them find
new hairstyles
to sit waiting
for the words to come
as probably
have you.

2 thoughts on “Fool

  1. Hello! How’s everything? I’ve been reading your blog posts and I got inspired to end my two months writing hiatus, haha. I missed this community, I miss reading blogs from the wonderful people of this Page. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Is it okay if I follow you? I hope you can follow me as well. Have fun writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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