Ducks in the city

our place
a paved yard
with a stone shed
& a girl
who didn’t care
either way
loved the idea of pets
so we bought
three ripe banana
yellow ducklings
fed ‘em on starter corn
& they grew
as they got whiter
well it had to be me
needed to trim one wing
otherwise they’d fly away
you have to learn that
it doesn’t come easy
& the ducks don’t
like it much
other stuff
what folk don’t know
about ducks
is how comical they are
they play games
on each other
fight for food
& they stink
will shit on anything
will nibble everything
I’d clean the yard
once a week
shovel the sawdust
into a bag
go to the tip
throw clean sawdust down
& eggs
every day
a new light green egg
they just kept on giving
the either way girl
time came
to end that thing
we didn’t have
she wanted to clip
my wing
tether me
though she wouldn’t
look after the ducks
or me much
the harder part
of killing ducks
is they don’t want to die
you try to be humane
make it quick
a snap of the neck
& done
but it ain’t like that
if you care
it hurts to do
much like love
even bad love is
much as
the either way girl
refused to believe
it was over
held no idea
of how little
she gave
thought her looks enough
I feel sadder now
when I remember
about those
dirty white ducks
in that city yard
than I do about
the either
though I understand
she hates
my callous ways

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