Kids ears

pick up signals
the time to be quiet
become invisible
is about to be said
time to
squish behind a chair
under the table
listening deep
the family business
that nobody talks on
is to be aired
there’s electricity
in the wind
a buzz of a thousand bees
& it’s a word salad
to be picked over
in the years ahead
full of
veiled references
in wrong beds
hints at dodgy deals
foul deeds
& gossip phrases
‘you’d think
he’d know better’
& ‘her with her
nose in the air’
until they’d notice
you were there
& you’d be forced
to go
out into the world
to forget the words
any mismeaning
you might have
playing at pyrates
but knowing
the real buried treasure
was in there
amongst that heady ether
unsmiling adults
in chairs


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