Always a cage
when I was younger
I found it easier
to see the traps
dead ends
in front of my feet
I was pushed
to work in a local factory
was indeed a bad boy
refusing to go
& now these are all
torn down
it wasn’t that I was bright
brighter than those
that surrounded
it was
I felt the trap closing in
define yourself
felt more like
defile yourself
I am not the boy I used to be
his crimes are not mine
mine surely are not his
I wanted to be
to do
with all the pain
that kind of living brings
my light is not as bright
as I felt it used to be
hides the corners
of any regret
soft whispering there
though I can see
the cages I escaped
behind & in front of me
all that you can
if what you do
isn’t working
try anything
as long as it leads
to free


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