She is gone

5 years ago
to be accurate
we hadn’t spoken in 35
& I learn today
she had been dead
for 5 of those…
my grief for her:
the end of the fantasy
that we’d meet again
even to
say goodbye properly
that the love
that should’ve
could’ve been
ought to have been
will now not be
there will be no
no rapprochement
that line from you
to me
is now definitely dead
you have left me nothing
much like you gave me
while you were here
except life
that you made
with somebody
you loved only
such a short time
time to say
& thank you


3 thoughts on “She is gone

  1. I was , today in the morning , while listening to a song, creating the scene like , the one is gone – what now.
    And at this moment, i just found something i was really imagining sometime before.
    Its so beautiful
    Rip her soul
    God bless 🙂


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