You might be country

if you open your windows
in the morning
in all seasons
just to get some air in
have the thermostat set low
to wear jumpers indoors
prefer walking alone
on muddy pathways
though you will stop
to talk to any people
you might meet
you won’t tell people
any of your business
but will know everything
about your neighbours
for at least a country mile
in every direction
you might be country
if your nearest neighbour
is just within shouting
can find a dressed deer
at a good price
same for rabbits
& homebrewed alcohol
If you call of an evening
best you have it pre-arranged
though you will be offered
a drink
a meal
if you haven’t eaten yet
you might be country
if you inherited your house
if not
its called after the people
who lived there before you
directions to places
which everybody assumes
you know
is by old names
past maggies corner
to the haunted tree
on to grannies field
& left at bobbas shack
You might be country
If you understand these things
& know
that if you go against
we never forget
we might forgive
but we never forget
we listen to what you say
but see everything
you do
blow ins
up country folk
all of this is deniable
& if you understand the why
you just might be country


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