Vision quest

‘Take me on a vision quest’
he called
late on a Friday
in pain
from another lost Judy
we talked
about what this meant
was he prepared
to be lost
to lose himself
be out of control?
we met
a few weeks later
he was nervous
but prepared
with a huge rucksack
full only
he said
‘of tarp
sleeping bag
& water’
my third eye
but hey
this was his Quest
not mine
I drove out
& we walked a while
me to make sure
he was physically lost
I left him a reference point
where I’d leave water
him to be
if there was an issue
suggested a niche
to sit for a while
& left
went back the next day
& there he was
big rucksack
sad face
‘its not for me man
too cold
too scary
too much wildlife
too much
too much’
I drove him back
to the station
we shook hands
him lamenting
he’d not had his
spiritual experience
learned anything
& I drove away
he’d learned plenty
his spiritual experience
would come
just not today
not in this way


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