The grrrr is rising

These are not bad people
& would resent
the shit out of you
if suggested
the possibility
even if he does
begin to nod off
after 4 beers
20 minutes into the movie
misses the point
needs to ask questions
on plot
at some point
she will
say the music is too loud
though she shouts at him
at every opportunity
points out
with blue emphasis
how wrong he is
on anything
as from echo distance
I hear his balls shrinking
to raisin dust
the grrrrrr
rises at the back of throat
these are frenemies
they do not
no longer
have my best interests at heart
strangers now
where once good friends
but we will puddle along
meeting every now
with gap
increasing between times
how else to escape?
the raging row?
a cold revenge of misunderstood?
cowardly loss of phone numbers?
lost details?
better this descent
time has got between us
a shallow trench
of once deep bond

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