Smelly Cat

We’ll call him Rob
‘cos that’s his name
him & his
obscenely obese
fat mrs
they thought
an office
I was to work in
out in the backstreets
they made my life hell
snitching to the boss
telling tales behind my back
all the usual crap
cowards do
when they can’t back
bullshit front
I left
fuck this shit, eh?
some time later
i’m getting off my Harley
after a long run
out to the boonies
& I see Rob
same time
as he saw me
he wheeled around
like a pantomime villain
I roared
it was so funny
& this stung the creep
to the core
he whirled a full 360
thought a second
& crossed to the other
side of the street
I’ve got my eyes on him
still chuckling
& he shouts
across the road
“you smell!”
I call back
(‘cos man y’gotta join in
y’can’t back away from
shits like these)
Is that the best you got?
“well y’do” he limps back
& I laugh some more
this idiot
is a minor local politician
he thinks he is smart
I know he’s a bully
but his stock?
its kids in a playground
ten year old kid stuff
he’s trying to tell
a biker
he smells
& watched
as he slunk away
no doubt
he was thinking
“well, that told him”

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