We accept the love we think we deserve

I am a stranger to you now
like i was before
we were us
I dont want to talk about
the what went wrong
the whys
that becomes a different song.
I was happy to be with you
for a little while
we’ve returned to that place
the before
though naturally
that is a different space
if i can think of you
now, with a smile
that’s all it needs to be
the before was not easy
we were so low
no tv
no power for the boom box
we’d take a walk
for something better to do
there were times
just enough times
for it to be worthwhile
but never enough for
It to be a job
we’d find
A half pack of cigarettes
enough loose change
to buy a bottle
we’d go back
to that unheated
back in love with the world
and maybe each other
for another short while


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