Consider this, Lisboa

Heat of the summer
lazy nights in bars
drunk until the morning
easy days
and do it all over again
the women
they were not whores
but would take you home
for a ‘consideration’
I was dragged off by a bar girl
but too drunk
I dragged myself back
to friends
for more beer
and the promise
of a dry gutter
until work at dawn
at the end of the bar
was Larry
he stood night after night
Larry loved Fatima
another bar girl
but Fatima
she loved money
would take considerations
and go home with men
Larry would walk off
return the next night
and wait
if Fatima had no calls
she might take him home
she might not
and if she did
she might
might not
sleep with him
some of the guys
felt pity
some cursed Larry
as a fool
and would take Fatima home
and stand to tell
of the things
she could do
Larry just waited
he’d sold his home
his car
just to stand
and wait
one night Telo
turned up
stood by Larry
spoke of his sisters role
his irma
in supporting the family
Larry called Telo
and that
only made Telo angrier
that night as Larry left
he was beaten
by four locals
in the alley behind the bar
still he stood
on the following nights
sipping his beers
no Fatima
only Telo
who called him
to let him know
he too
had lost a sister
en irma
Fatima was gone
to another country
seeking work
with forasteiro’s
her family
had become a burden
Larry understood?

Irma = sister
Irmao = brother
forasteiro’s = foreigners


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