Black rose

In the band
I’m not a natural singer
I became the vocalist
in yet another
shitty band
banging away
on my bass guitar
uttering words
that nobody
in the band
seemed to recognise
we played a few sets
here & there
pissing everybody off
no melody
no tune
they said
it didn’t really matter
we weren’t aiming
near the stars
we were
just another shitty band
playing for ourselves
the words
meant nothing
to anybody there
though their
seemed to match
the black rose
of death
we made between us
a lyric
that reflected
a moment in time
between she & me
we split up of course
I couldn’t play
or sing for that
& some
wanted to aim higher
than our gutter rock
needed fanbase
love from the crowd
best of luck with that eh?

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