One of those faces

I was on the dole
so I put on my wedding coat
sat through
another interview
this time for a job
I quite fancied
working in a record shop
this a lifetime ago
had racks of vinyl
played hit music
kindof loud
for housewives in the day
DJ’s late on Fridays
Or Saturdays early
I started on the Monday
dusting the plastic LP covers
hoovering, tidying
I was just happy
to be able to play music
on the overhead speakers
nobody spoke to me
except for do this
do that
the days were long
but I was young
all days were long
when everything was new
on the Saturday
the boss
you can go now
so I did
happy with a week
playing music
on the Monday
I turned up ready
to do it
all over again
& they had a new
young fella there
dusting the covers
on the vinyl
the boss called me in
‘when I said you could go
I meant, not to come back’
so I sat on the bus
in my wedding coat
head full of what?
what happened?
what reasons?
what next?
it must be my face
did not fit
I wasn’t sad
when it closed
a year later
and now
I couldn’t tell you of
a name
or even
a face
of anybody who worked there.

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