La plume de ma tante

I was teens
and the usual do gooders
had washed their hands
so my aunt gave it a go
I’d go sit with her and uncle
one night a week
biscuit and coffee
I guess they expected
me to pour my
little heart out
while I was terrified
to let slip
how could I tell
I lived in fear
of the old man
closing windows
cos that meant
there was a row to be had
and the neighbours
should not hear
was it me
my sis
mum’s turn?
would she
put it on me
my sis?
they didn’t know
when I got back
she’d sit me
close off areas
that would not
could not
be spoken of
so it fizzled out
the coffee & biscuit thing
I guess they thought
they’d really tried
we’re 40+ years on
and still
I never get to see
my aunt, uncle
the ever present chaperone
they loved my dad
who has now died
love my mum
and if I told them
had tied my tongue
beaten me
to silence
I fear
they would not believe
me now
never mind
back then
over a coffee & biscuit

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