We were too young to have babies
tho’ the sex bit was very good
until she became pregnant
had been taken
we sat
talked the night through
decided that in this case
abortion was the only answer
I was broke
her parents catholic
we were not ready to marry
raise a family together
and then that happened
later she broke from me
because I was
not ready to marry her
raise a family
she moved on
but needed me
in odd ways
to lift furniture
help choose a dog
those things I could do
one night she called
would I come over
the dog had found a way
to steal from her fridge
so I went over
advised a lock
and tried to run away
but not before
she told me
she’d always loved me
I walked
rather than run that away
reeling on pavement
head full of madness
her need to create rejection
my inability to respond
the surrogate family
another friendship ended
such a narrow escape

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