Swollen head blues

Times suckered in
‘you gotta think bigger
create something great’
& the ego trap collapses
all the way round
they do this to you for fun
because they too have lost
not through some idle badness
just the: this is what you must
are supposed to do
you don’t
I don’t
all we do have to do
is breathe
take life easy
at our own pace
savouring the little
sumptuous small things
we create
that come our way
leave the sweating the big stuff
to those with needy ego’s to fill
ours to be the lovers moment
sweet romance of the seconds
together as winds in the tree
not carved in stone for ever
those monuments rare
of a second glance in meaning
we recognise
it’s all only for a little while
not to waste
singing swollen head tunes.

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