Five fucking ayem
Jarred awake from a sleep of…?
& its gone
Sprung upright by strange sounds in the alley
5.30 a. m.
paid for hotel room
cotton sheets, luxury pillows
warm, despite thin blue glow around black thick curtain
poor memories of the slut who wanted me
long drinks coming fast
wanting to read my best stuff
but babies in the audience
who the fuck brings kids to a poetry reading?
& I can’t bring myself to read strong words
in front of ears that don’t yet know true pain
of five a.m. shocked from sleep
as the beep beep beep shit truck
backs up
to take away my tawdry excess of last night
my new existence
as I smile, turn over into comfort sheets
I’m no longer the poor bastard in that damp alley
I escaped
Maybe, one day, he will too.

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