To go out on any night
find a cheap slut needing highs
a friend with coke
anybody with coke is a friend
remember that, its useful
especially when you go on holiday
and only you are holding.
to go out on any night
get roaring paint the town drunk
& fight the beer bar bully in the alley
just because you can
& you want to, too
the coke says so
you wind up with a dentist
watching the tv
& whining
there’s nothing to see
when you could be out
on any night
fucking in the dark
because that’s how you love it
dank, dirty, delightful
instead you sip tea
& wonder
you’ve still got that number
that special number
& say
If you’re holding baby
I can suck it like I used to
but no
Its work in the a.m.
an early start
another day of the dead
we’re out here waiting
& that’s enough
of a crutch for you
to limp along the groove
while others make choices
out on any night.

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