The sentiment of men

He was my mentor
in my job
my life
I was a snot nosed brat
thinking that
If I couldn’t fuck it
I could fight it
& sometimes both
he was patient
if I tried
if I didn’t
& I learned
many times
the hard way
that respect
can be a
two way
one way street
then a ginger kitten
I couldn’t have cared less
much like the care
I had for me then
he held it
stroked the thing
fed her
& she became part
of our team
I’d tease him
about tiddles
until his bite
there was the operation
the collar
flea powders
worming ceremony
we all chipped in
she settled
& he convinced the boss
it was a mouser
morale thing
the day
she got run over
& he
took her to the vet
to ease her pain
& I
stood with him
as he buried her
beneath a tree
& we never
spoke of her again
in words
out loud

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